With new online doctor consultation company names on the internet and the billboards in your city, you can become puzzled about which online doctors to choose. When it comes to your wellbeing, you want the best doctor for the right advice at the most affordable price, isn’t it?

Here are some of the online medical advice tips for online doctor consultation to be followed while choosing the right online doctor consultation company.

1. Choosing the right speciality doctor

The issue comes up when you don’t know which speciality doctor to consult. Select the right doctor yourself and then pay for the consultation. 

2. Experience of the Online Doctor

New doctors learn the art of communicating with patients while working at small clinics and hospitals or practising alone. Their experience plays a significant part in the quality of knowledge they acquire. They have to earn a few years of experience to gain the conviction to start helping patients.

3. Qualifications and Degrees of the Doctor

Speciality degrees are not the only basis for classifying doctors. MBBS and postgraduate degrees in certain foreign countries are inexpensive, luring and of poor quality at the same time. These degree holders are not permitted to practice in India until they clear an exam in India. They develop zero practical knowledge as they do not get to talk to patients during their course of study.

4. Ease of Starting a Consultation Online

When you want to get urgent medical guidance, hopping through rings repeatedly is not that you should be doing. Filling up forms and confirming phone numbers and email addresses, and finally entering your credit card information is a long process. Talking with a doctor after logging in is easy.

5. The Best Consulting Fees

The usefulness of an online doctor consultation can be easily evaluated by comparing it with conventional in-person doctor consultation. For that, you will have to consider the time spent, the money spent on travel, and the real consulting fees. A paediatrician generally charges between 300 to 600 INR for regular in-person consultation. Add another 100 INR to that for the money wasted on the travel, booking and waiting. Moreover, when you pay for a doctor’s help online, there is no travel involved and you can feel certain that the doctor will reply to your messages instantly.

6. Security and Privacy of Your Medical Data 

Your medical data is your confidential asset. The queries that you ask a doctor should not be seen by a third person. The response that you get from the doctor also should be seen only by you.

You should create a difficult-to-hack password, at least 15 characters long; include symbols, upper case letters, and numbers. Do not jot it down as a note or on a piece of paper. If you forget your password, simply reset it using the “Forgot password” option.

7. Prescriptions from online doctors

Every single prescription should contain the following crucial data:

    • The doctor’s name
    • The doctor’s registration number
    • The patient’s name and age
    • The date of consultation
    • The diagnosis, which signifies the name of your health condition in medical terms
    • The medicine’s name, dosage, and duration
    • Other medical guidance, if any
    • The doctor’s original signature

These basic data make any doctor prescription valid. If you receive a prescription from a doctor after an online consultation, make certain that it includes all of the above points. You can take this prescription in any drugstore in India to get the medicines prescribed. All the prescriptions are automatically saved in your telemedicine platform account, and you can reach and get them whenever you need them. There is no more risk of misplacing old prescriptions. If you have your smartphone, then such apps will have your prescriptions and other uploaded medical reports effortlessly accessible in one single place!

8.Reviews and Recommendations from patients 

Many other online doctor consultation platforms have a built-in system for patients to review the doctors. Therefore, do read reviews and recommendations to get an efficient doctor.

Conclusively, here in this article, I have given you some guidelines that you can use to get the right doctors and the best possible online doctor consultation for your cash.


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