Nobody ever had a comfortable and cosy afternoon in a waiting room. At some point, you must have felt sick to the extent where you had to take time off work to see your doctor. You wait for your turn in the waiting area and wait for even more to get the tests done. Then, while feeling miserable due to sickness, you wait for the doctor to tell you what’s wrong, write a prescription, and so on. The entire experience is inconvenient and time-consuming. However, there’s a substitute that helps you get the same results as a usual doctor’s visit, that too within the comforts of your bed: telemedicine.

Telemedicine services are a convenient and cost-efficient substitute for the conventional healthcare experience. Some of the reasons for employers and employees to embrace telemedicine care are as follows:

1.It is convenient. 

Telemedicine increases access to safe and effective healthcare conveniently through phones for the patients. They can avoid leaving home or taking off from work to get the medical assistance they need.

2.It is an improved form of medical care. 

Seeing the doctor from home enables the patients to access the required important documents, reports, and medications that they might have otherwise forgotten to bring to the doctor’s clinic. Using telemedicine, it is easier to make notes or include a family member or friend (or the person who assists you) on the phone to help you in retaining important information.

3.It provides you with better access to care. 

Through employing telemedicine, doctors and other healthcare professionals can reach patients living in remote, rural, and distant areas where there might not be a doctor or hospital available. Apart from this, during emergencies, a telemedicine doctor can instruct such patients on what to do to protect their health till the time they receive medical care or reach a hospital or clinic.

4.Specialists are available. 

In rural and, sometimes, urban areas, certain specialists may not be easily available during clinic or hospital visits. Telemedicine allows patients to connect with specialists, even if they are hundreds of miles away.

5.It provides quicker access to medical care. 

In telemedicine, you simply have to book a slot as per your convenience and be available in your slot. After consulting the doctor over the phone, they prescribe you medicines and treatments, thereby allowing you to receive the medical care you need faster than the conventional clinic visits.

6.It cuts down the unnecessary clinic and hospital visits. 

Although clinic and hospital visits are essential for medical emergencies, they are not much required for patients seeking care for flu or minor ailments. Also, such minor ailments may aggravate if the patient steps out of their home. Telemedicine is cost-efficient especially for patients needing any type of care for minor ailments.

7.It saves money. 

As mentioned previously, telemedicine services lead patients to the most cost-efficient medical assistance available and lessen clinic and hospital visits, which helps them save money. The patients also save money by decreasing the commute to and from the clinics and hospitals.

8.It allows patients to report any failure.

Patients can realize the value of telemedicine by reporting any failure. In other words, if any failure occurs, they can report it to the telemedicine service provider.

9.It increases a person’s productivity and decreases absenteeism from work and other events.

For many people, medical care can cost a great deal of time and money. Telemedicine being convenient and cost-efficient can help in reducing the obstacles of time and distance to the hospital or clinic.

Telemedicine service providers say that the benefits are able to reach a larger group of patients who were not accessible earlier. The increasing number of patients seeking telemedicine care makes it apparent that people have been realizing with time telemedicine to be the medical substitute satisfying their healthcare needs.

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