Telecare and telemedicine are considered a new form of development in healthcare in India. The health care system in Indian is universal and to help in healthcare costs, insurance many systems are updated. A large portion of spending on medical treatment in India. The purpose of telecare is not to replace the careers but allows for fast working in case of an emergency. 

What is Telecare?

Telecare is a system that consists of equipment and services that support your safety and independence in your own home. It provides a range of unobtrusive sensors positioned throughout the home. Telecare detects problems like gas leaks or fires in the house.

Telecare was not invented to replace the career of medical centers. It is created to make a safe environment around you. It helps to create a safe environment where you worry less which reduces stress. There will be a greater sense of freedom where you know that you are alert people are assigned to look after you.   

What is Telecare?

There are many aspects and technology provided by telecare such as Flood and smoke detector, epilepsy sensor, Bed/Chair occupancy sensor, home alert pager, etc. Some benefits of telecare are telemedicine and telehealth.


Telemedicine is a practice with the use of new technology where after an interactive session of audiovisual and data communication medicine is suggested and delivers medical care, diagnosis, consultation, and treatment. The system also helps people to understand education about health and medical data.

Mediwy Telemedicine  

This process includes doctor to doctor which typically involves involvement with a specialist at a distance where the patient is being examined. The advancement was growing with a steady speed until the pandemic which led everyone to stay inside their homes and the use of Technology advanced this result in a growth of telemedicine at a good speed. Telemedicine is helping a lot of people in certain ways to take care of through video calls and online consultation.


It is a way of monitoring a person’s health remotely through equipment used at home. The information is been sent or shown to doctors via the internet or telephone connection. The videos are telehealth taken under consideration are asthma, heart failure, diabetics, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, stroke, hypertension, and congestive heart failure.

Mediwy Telehealth

The information is read by professionals after you send it. Through this information service monitoring of a person’s health. This process helps with a regular checkup and in case of any abnormal condition, a person is assigned as a nurse. The person with a health issue can directly talk to the specialist or doctor via a visual screen.

This process reduces less hospital admission and guarantees a better-quality life with fewer long-term health costs and promises of a better outcome.

In a recent report by a company in the UK it was found out that 60% of people have peace of mind after consulting via telecare which helped them to consume their life back on track. It makes a person more independent and gives them the confidence to work without fearing about their health.

How mediwy care delivery solution helps in Telecare?

Care delivery solution is a system where health plans are on record. The medical home model has promised to reduce cost and raise quality. The plan ensures that the health plan contributions become a key part of the overall value proposition of any future medical home network or product. The formulas used in care delivery are surprisingly complex and often include both financial and operational components.

Mediwy aims to digitize the care delivery powering digital India with digital products. The website is an Indian website to improve healthcare in India. The website is easy to use as the simple process of signing up cat gets you straight to scheduling a session.                                                                                           

How mediwy care delivery solution helps in telecare & telimedicene?


It increases productivity with real-time video calls and chats with recorded sessions focusing on delivering care sessions. The calls or chat are private in separate rooms.

Mediwy provides people-centered care and integrated health service. It covers the management and delivery of quality and safe health services so that people receive a continuum of health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, disease-management, rehabilitation, and palliative care services, through the different levels.

Our service will be on time and will have the best possible people to take care of yourself and your health. In a pandemic where time is crucial people prefer avoiding places like hospitals through which one can get infected. Mediwy is the fastest medium to reach doctors with the help of technology. It also provides regular health check-ups in a set period of time. 

Mediwy is a place where one can reach all kind of doctors and specialist who are in an area far away from the hospital or wants less hospital to admit they can make a direct appointment and can get care to deliver with help of technology. It provides the best telecare service including telemedicine and telehealth. 



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