The medical care delivery system is been established to promote, maintain, and restore the health of an individual. The only purpose of this system is patient care and delivery of the best health plans. This model is highly cost-efficient and is quality rich in terms of various aspects. 

Care delivery is a system to keep the health plans recorded. This has been set to improve healthcare provider access to the records and have an ideal place to store and distinguish plans accordingly. This medical care delivery simplifies to have secure communication, collaborations, and access to medical care. The access to the capture of data at the point of care, wherever that may be is one of the great advantages of this unique system. Though the formulas used in this system is yet complex and includes operational and financial aspects. 

What medical care delivery solution brings?

With the power of technology, care delivery is been so easy and simplified. Though the care delivery can now access many services rendered by the telemedicine website such as So, the services these websites and their Applications provides are:

  • One can enjoy are can view the doctors, consultant, and service provider’s profile to connect with.
  •  Access to PHR and health data.
  • Can book appointments with their recommended doctor or can choose doctors from the list.
  •  Able to ask questions regarding their concerned health issues whenever they want.
  • Will easily manage patient appointment booking through a web-based appointment schedule. While the patients and the consultant both receive automated reminders.
  • Patients can monitor their health; people can consult their doctors via video calls. Patients can book a session and enjoy video consultations with the concerned consultant.
  • People can also have access to their health blogs and can share their experiences.
  • Are liable to receive their e-prescriptions.
  • The payment to the service providers can be easily done using various payment options. 
  • Individuals can enable the notifications in their system to be updated with their situation. 
  • Consultants can enroll in their patient plans, can monitor patient’s health online, and give prescriptions via online mode only. These medical care plans will give leverage to patients to get worried about visiting hospitals or consultants. 
  • The health trackers are one of the best features of this system that one can liable to track his heath by just entering some of the required details. 
  • Patients can keep records of their health records by uploading hard copies as well. This will secure the patient’s medical history. Analytics are shown to consultants and organizations. To have a track of the usage and possibilities in the improvement of the services, data, and health plans.


Medical care delivery services aim to simplify the system through maintaining health and preventing illness by digitalizing care delivery. The services provided through these technology-based systems are diversified and unique in various aspects. One can easily connect and enjoy the benefits of scheduling the sessions. 

Mediwy is a digital telecare center powering digital India with digital products. The simplicity of the website will attract you to connect with the website. The real-time video calls, the chats, and the recorded sessions will integrate privacy. Mediwy provides people-centered care and safe health services. 

In the current scenario of the pandemic, the telemedicine websites had been so crucial. Though we know in these situations no one can walk to the hospitals or clinics for the treatments, health check-ups, consultations. The risk involved in going out is high though it’s even riskier to visit healthcare places.  So, in all these critical situations we needed a platform where we can have a check on our health. Being at our places is possible only virtually. 

What medical care delivery solution brings?

Though, Mediwy is that platform where you can find the best medical care delivery with utmost priority to the simplified treatment and health plans. Regular health check-ups were also provided in the set period of time. It is the place that will save your time in walk-ins to the hospitals and will provide you access to many facilities like a direct appointment, records folder, e-prescription, consultations, etc. 

Mediwy delivers care with the best medical care delivery system and renders the best services within the comfort of your homes.


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