Terms of Services

These Terms of Service (“Terms of Use”) are meant for healthcare providers in order to regulate their usage of online interfaces and properties of Mediwy Labs (“Mediwy Labs”), including the Mediwy Labs’ website (the “Site”) and the services accessible to users through the Site (“Services”). The terms “providers”, “You”, “your” and other related terms are used to denote healthcare providers who access the Site or Services, or both. You must obey these terms and conditions to use Mediwy Labs’ website and its services.


Kindly read these terms of use meticulously. When you click “accept” or access the site, you accept to follow these terms of use. Also, you accept that you have read, understood, and would follow the terms of use including Mediwy Labs’ privacy policy. If you do not want to follow these terms of use, you may not access the site or services. If you do not accept the terms of use, then you would not be able to access the site.


Please read the Mediwy Labs’ Privacy Policy also. It explains our privacy practices and policies, including the way we collect and utilize your information. It is integrated with and is part of these Terms of Use. If you access or use the Site or Services, you also accept the Privacy Policy.

These regulations are regarding the usage of this site. Also, read our Privacy Policy to be aware of the ways we use your data. If you disagree with these Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy, do not use our Site or Services.

1.Ownership Of The Site

All pages and material within this Site are the property of Mediwy Labs, or its licensors or suppliers, whatever applies. The United States and international copyright and trademark laws protect the Site. The Contents of the Site, which include the files, documents, text, photographs, images, audio, and video, and any materials accessed through or made accessible for use or download through the Site (“Content”) must not be duplicated, circulated, amended, imitated, or published, except for the purposes allowed in writing by Mediwy Labs. You may not frame to enclose or deep link to any name, trademarks, service marks, logo, Content or other proprietary information of Mediwy Labs without our written permission. The materials you post in your Virtual Waiting Room solely belong to you and you are accountable for them. Virtual Waiting Room is mentioned in Section 4 further.

We own this website and its content; do not steal it. The content you post on your Virtual Waiting Room is solely yours.


To be a healthcare provider using the Site (“Provider”), you must accept all laws, medical or other board rules, or other rules and regulations, whichever apply to you, as a healthcare provider or other professional using the Site. Your association with the Mediwy Labs users (including your patients or clients) is directly between you and the patient, not with Mediwy Labs. Mediwy Labs does not practice medicine or any other licensed profession and does not give medical or other professional services. As explained in Section 10, Provider is solely accountable for all agreements, permissions, notices and other interactions with patients and other consumers and also for all billings and collections from patients and other consumers. Mediwy Labs shall have no liability whatsoever to Provider pertaining to any amounts owed by any patient or other consumers to Provider.

If you use our Site to provide services to others, then we name you a “Provider”. You accept to do so in a legal manner and obey all rules and regulations you are governed by. Mediwy Labs never provides services to your patients, clients, or anyone other than you, the Provider.

4.Independent Professional Judgment and Indemnification

The Provider must use the Site and Services following the applicable standards of good professional practice. While software products such as the Site and Services can promote and enhance the quality of service that Provider and its personnel deliver to patients. Many factors including the provider or patient association can impact a patient’s result. With advanced and interdependent technologies and complicated decision-making, it is often tough or impossible to precisely deduce the factors and the extent to which they impact a result. Provider shall be solely accountable for their use of the Site and Services and the provision of services to Provider’s patients. In this view, Provider releases Mediwy Labs and waives all probable claims against Mediwy Labs owing to the Provider’s use of the Site and Services, and the provision of services to Provider’s patients. Owing to the intrinsic complexities and uncertainties of the patient care process, if relevant and permitted by law, Provider accepts to protect, indemnify and hold Mediwy Labs free from any claim by or on behalf of any patient of Provider or its personnel, or by or on behalf of any other third party or person claiming harm by virtue of a familial or financial association with such a patient, which is brought against Mediwy Labs, irrespective of the reason if such claim emerges for any reason whatsoever, out of the use or operation of the Site and Services. To the degree applicable, Provider will attain Mediwy Labs’ prior written consent to any settlement or judgment in which Provider accepts to or which otherwise delivers or implies any ruling out of the fault of Mediwy Labs or any flaw in the Site or Services. Mediwy Labs will soon inform Provider in writing of any claim subject to this indemnification, soon provide Provider with the information significantly needed for the defence of the same, and grant to Provider sole control over its defence at Providers cost. Mediwy Labs reserves the right to arise and protect any actions in which it is named as a party. Provider accepts to pay and reimburse Mediwy Labs’ costs and expenses (also involving reasonable attorney’s fees) incurred in relation with such a suit.

If you, your patients or any third party aiming to recover any sums from Mediwy Labs emerging from your use of Mediwy Labs or treatment you deliver to a patient while using Mediwy Labs, you will be solely accountable and pay any such sums.

4.Virtual Waiting Room

The Services accessible through the Mediwy Labs’ Site also has a virtual waiting room (“Virtual Waiting Room”). Anyone can enter your Virtual Waiting Room and also view and access the content posted on your Virtual Waiting Room. The Site gives you the ability to post content on and links to other sites via the Virtual Waiting Room. The content you post on your Virtual Waiting Room and the links to other sites you make accessible on your Virtual Waiting Room are solely yours. Provided that the content posted is not in infringement of Section 1 of these Terms of Use, Mediwy Labs will never claim any rights or interests in such content. By posting such content or links, you accept to be solely accountable for such content and links and accept to protect, indemnify (if applicable and allowed by law) and hold Mediwy Labs free from harm, as explained in Section 11 further.

We will email you periodically, and you’re fine with that.

5.Electronic Communications

You allow communications from us electronically. You accept that all agreements can be entered into and signed electronically following the applicable law, and all notices, disclosures, and other communications that we make available to you electronically fulfil any legal requirement that such notice or other communications be in writing.

The content you post on your Virtual Waiting Room and links to other sites you involve on your Virtual Waiting Room are solely yours. You are solely accountable for such content and links.

6.Site Access; Security and Restrictions; Passwords

You are not allowed from infringing or attempting to infringe the security of the Site, which include (a) accessing data not aimed at your use or logging onto a server or an account you are not accepted to access; or (b) trying to search, scan or test the susceptibility of a system or network or to breach security or authentication measures without formal permission; or (c) accessing or using the Site or any part thereof without permission, in infringement of these Terms of Use or applicable law.

If you are aged under 18 years, you may not access the Site or use the Mediwy Labs Services.

You may not use any scraper, crawler, spider, robot or other automated modes of any type to access or copy data on the Site, deep-link to any feature or content on the Site, bypass our robot exclusion headers or other measures we may use to stave off or prohibit access to the Site.

Infringements of system or network security may ensue civil or criminal liability. Mediwy Labs will investigate incidents that may comprise such infringements and may comprise, and cooperate with, law enforcement authorities in indicting users who are indulged in such infringements. You accept not to use any device, software or method to interfere or try to interfere with the proper working of this Site or any activity being performed on this Site.

In the event access to the Site or a portion, thereof is restricted needing a user ID and password (“Protected Areas”), you accept to access Protected Areas using your user ID and password only as given to you by Mediwy Labs. You accept to safeguard the privacy of your user ID and password, and not to share or reveal your user ID or password to any third party. You accept that you are solely accountable for all activities happening under your user ID. Your access to the Site may be invalidated by Mediwy Labs at any time with or without reason. You accept to protect, indemnify (if acceptable and permitted by law) and hold Mediwy Labs harmless from and against all third party claims, harms and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) against or incurred by Mediwy Labs emerging out of your infringement of these Terms of Use or violation of applicable law, your use or access of the Site, or access by anyone accessing the Site using your user ID and password.

Don’t try to hack the Site. Don’t reveal your username and password to anyone. Internet safety is crucial to us as well as for you.

7.License and Access; Termination by Mediwy Labs

Subject to your adherence with these Terms of Use and your payment of any applicable fees, Mediwy Labs or its content providers grant you a restricted, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license to access and use Mediwy Labs Services. In the event you have entered into a separate Platform Subscription Agreement with Mediwy Labs (the “Subscription Agreement”), the terms of the Subscription Agreement shall also pertain to your use of the Site and the Services. In the event of a dispute between the Subscription Agreement and these Terms of Use, the terms of the Subscription Agreement shall persist. All rights not expressly granted to you in these Terms of Use or any Service Terms are reserved and maintained by Mediwy Labs or its licensors, suppliers, publishers, rightsholders, or other content providers. Neither Mediwy Labs Service nor any part of any Mediwy Labs Service may be reproduced, duplicated, sold, resold, visited, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose except as expressly accepted in writing by Mediwy Labs. You may not frame or utilize framing methods to enclose any trademark, logo, or other proprietary information (including images, text, page layout, or form) of Mediwy Labs without express written consent. You may not use any meta tags or any other “hidden text” using Mediwy Labs’ name or trademarks without the express written consent of Mediwy Labs. You may not misuse the Mediwy Labs Services. You may use the Mediwy Labs Services only as allowed by law. Your access to the Site and Services and the licenses granted by Mediwy Labs may be discontinued by Mediwy Labs if you do not agree with these Terms of Use.

Simply use Mediwy Labs and our brand the way it’s aimed to be used. We have the right to discontinue your account for misuse. If you don’t, we’ll discontinue your account.

8.Termination of Account by the Provider

If you want to discontinue your account, you must log in to your account and erase it under account settings. Mediwy Labs will not erase your account under your email alone. If you are in the EU, you may obey the directions on our Privacy Policy to erase data.

Sign in to your account to delete your account and data.

9.Accuracy and Integrity of Information

Although Mediwy Labs tries to assure the integrity and accuracy of the Site and the Content on the Site, it never makes representations, warranties or guarantees whatsoever as to the accuracy of the Site and Content thereon. The Site could have typographical errors, inaccuracies or other errors, and that unauthorized additions, deletions, and alterations could be made to the Site by third parties. If an inaccuracy occurs, please notify Mediwy Labs so that it can be rectified. Information on the Site may be modified or updated without notice. Also, Mediwy Labs shall have no liability for information or Content posted to the Site from any non-Mediwy Labs affiliated third party. This involves any information, content or links posted on a provider’s Virtual Waiting Room.

If we have a typo or other errors, kindly inform us; sorry.

10.Links to Other Sites

Mediwy Labs never makes representations whatsoever about any other website you may access via this Site. When you access a non-Mediwy Labs’ site, please comprehend that it is unrelated to Mediwy Labs and that Mediwy Labs has no authority over the content on that website. Also, a link to a non-Mediwy Labs website does not imply that Mediwy Labs accepts or accepts any responsibility for the Content, or the use, of the linked site. It is up to you to take measures to assure that whatever you choose for your use or download is exempt of such items as viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other items of a destructive nature. If you agree to access any of the third-party sites linked to this Site, you do this solely at your own risk.

We are not accountable for content on other websites, even if we link to it.

11.Provider Agreements and Other Content

When you submit, upload or post any agreements, contracts, consents, notices, advice, comments, files, videos, images or other materials to us or our Site (“Provider Content”) or deliver any Provider Content to patients or other consumers, (involving but not restricted to content post on or through links accessible on your Virtual Waiting Room), you accept not to deliver any Provider Content that (1) is defamatory, offensive, libellous, illegal, obscene, threatening, harassing, fraudulent, pornographic, or destructive, or that could promote unlawful or unethical behaviour, (2) infringes the privacy, copyright, trademark, trade dress, trade secrets or intellectual property rights of any person or entity, or (3) has or transmits a virus or any other dangerous component. The Provider is solely accountable for collecting all necessary agreements and consents from and delivering all needed notices to, patients and other consumers. You accept not to contact other users through unrequested email, telephone calls, mailings or any other mode of communication. You represent and warrant to Mediwy Labs that you possess the legitimate right and permission to upload all Provider Content at the Site and any Provider Content posted to a Virtual Waiting Room. Except concerning the Provider, content posted to a Virtual Waiting Room, Provider Content Mediwy Labs shall have a royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable right and license to make use of the Provider Content whichever way Mediwy Labs wants, which include to copy, modify, erase in its totality, adapt, publish, translate, develop derivative works from and/or sell and/or distribute such Provider Content and/or incorporate such Provider Content into any form, medium or technology throughout the world. Mediwy Labs is and shall be under no commitment (1) to retain any Provider Content in confidence; (2) to pay to you or anyone else any fee for any Provider Content; or (3) to react to any Provider Content. For motives of clarity, provided that it does not infringe Section 1, above, Mediwy Labs never claims any interest in or rights to Provider Content posted to a provider’s Virtual Waiting Room. Providers are solely accountable for Provider Content posted to the provider’s Virtual Waiting Room.

Mediwy Labs does not regularly review Provider Content but does have the right (but not the obligation) to regulate and amend or eliminate any Provider Content submitted to the Site. You grant Mediwy Labs the right to use the name that you submit in relation with any Provider Content. You accept not to use an incorrect email address, pretend to be any person or entity, or otherwise mislead as to the source of any Provider Content. You are and shall stay solely accountable for the content of any Provider Content you post to the Site or deliver to patients or other consumers – also involving content posted to your Virtual Waiting Room. Mediwy Labs and its affiliates take no accountability and infer no liability for any Provider Content submitted by you or any third party.

You accept to protect, indemnify (if acceptable and permitted by law) and hold Mediwy Labs harmless from and against all third party claims, damages, and expenses (also involving acceptable attorneys’ fees) against or incurred by Mediwy Labs ensuing out of any Provider Content you post or permit to be posted to the Site or a Virtual Waiting Room.

Do not create or post any offensive content (e.g. in your waiting room). We can reuse anything you create on our site. We are not accountable for damages arising from things you upload.

12.Claims of Copyright Infringement

We deny any accountability or liability for copyrighted materials posted on our site. If you think that your work has been duplicated in a way that includes copyright infringement, please follow the processes set forth below.

Mediwy Labs regards the intellectual property rights of others and hopes its users to do the same. According to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), we will respond quickly to notices of apparent infringement that are reported to Mediwy Labs’ Designated Copyright Agent, specified below.

Notices of Apparent Infringement for Content Made Accessible on the Site

If you are a copyright owner, accepted to act on behalf of one, or accepted to act under any exclusive right under copyright, please report alleged copyright infringements occurring on or through our Site by sending us a notice (“Notice”) accepting the following requirements.

  1. Specify the copyrighted works that you claim have been infringed.
  1. Specify the material or link you claim is infringing (or the subject of infringing activity) and that access to which is to be disabled, involving at a minimum, if acceptable, the URL of the link shown on the Site where such material may be found.
  1. Furnish your mailing address, telephone number, and, if accessible, email address.
  1. Include both of the following statements in the body of the Notice:

“I hereby state that I have a good faith belief that the disputed use of the copyrighted material is not accepted by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law (e.g., as a fair use).”

“I hereby state that the information in this Notice is precise and, under penalty of perjury, that I am the owner, or accepted to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyright or of an exclusive right under the copyright that is allegedly infringed.”

  1. Furnish your full legal name and your electronic or physical signature.

Send this Notice, with all items completed, to our Copyright Agent:

If you think your copyrighted material has been infringed, let us know.

13.Disclaimer of Warranties

Mediwy Labs does not guarantee that accessing or using the site will be continuous or free from errors or that flaws in the site will be rectified. The site, comprising any content or information included within it or any site-related service, is provided “as is,” with all faults, with no representations or warranties of any type, either expressed or inferred, also involving but not restricted to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a specific purpose, quality of information, quiet enjoyment, and title or non-infringement. Mediwy Labs never warrants the exactness, completeness or timeliness of the information collected through the site.

You assume complete accountability and risk for your use of this site, site-related services, and linked websites. Mediwy Labs does not guarantee that files available for download will be free of viruses, worms, trojan horses or other harmful programming. You are accountable for enforcing methods adequate to fulfil your necessities for data backup and security.

We won’t be perfect – but we try our best, but do not guarantee perfection.

14.No Provision of Advice or Services

As part of the Services, Mediwy Labs gives a platform for a Provider to get in touch with consumers, potential consumers, patients, and potential patients. Mediwy Labs never delivers any medical advice or professional, legal advice, or representations in any way about any medical, professional or legal issues related with Provider, goods or services offered by Provider, also involving but not restricted to any compliance obligations and steps essential to conform with any state or federal laws and legislation. The Provider should look for its own legal advisor for any legal and compliance matters, and should not depend on any materials or content related to the Site or Services in determining Provider’s compliance obligations under the law. The Provider and Mediwy Labs acknowledge that Mediwy Labs is not delivering any medical advice or legal advice to Provider or any patient, client or, a customer of Provider or to anyone else who may access the Site or use the Services.

We are not a healthcare provider, lawyer or other licensing authority. So, do not consult us regarding medical, professional or legal advice.

15.Limitation of Liability Regarding Use of Site

Mediwy Labs and any third parties referred to on this site are not responsible and liable for any direct, indirect, accidental, substantial, special, exemplary, punitive, or other damages whatsoever (which include those occurring owing to lost profits, lost data, or business interruption) arising out of or pertaining in any way to the site, site-related services, content or information included within the site, and/or any linked website, whether based on warranty, contract, or any other legal theory and whether or not notified of the likelihood of such damages. Your only solution for disappointment with the site, site-related services, and/or linked websites is to stop using the site and/or those services.

To the degree any elements of the foregoing restrictions of liability are not enforceable, the maximum liability of Mediwy Labs to you regarding your use of this site is $500 (five hundred dollars).

We are not responsible if something bad happens while using the site.

16.Dispute Resolution

In the circumstance of any conflict or claim pertaining to the Site, the Services or these Terms of Use, you accept the resolution of such conflict in the state or federal courts located in… These Terms of Use shall be governed, inferred and implemented in accordance with the internal laws of the… (excluding its conflicts of laws principles).

Any legal conflicts between us will be settled in…, and in accordance with…

17.Revisions; General

These Terms of Use (including the Privacy Policy) comprise the whole agreement between Mediwy Labs and you about the subject matter hereof. In its sole discretion, Mediwy Labs may often revise these Terms of Use by revising this posting. You should, consequently, time-to-time visit this page to read the recent Terms of Use to be aware of any such revisions. Certain conditions of these Terms of Use may be replaced by expressly designated legal notices or terms mentioned on specific pages within this Site. Your use of the Site denotes your agreement to such revisions.


Mediwy Labs reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to discontinue your access to all or part of this Site, with or without cause, and with or without any notice.


In case any of the Terms of Use are held by a court or other tribunal of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable, such conditions shall be restricted or removed to the minimum extent essential so that these Terms of Use shall otherwise persist in full force and effect.

We may periodically revise these terms. So, check back in regularly.

18.Refund Policy

Our objective is for you to be successful when using Mediwy Labs for telemedicine, but we know that technology doesn’t always cooperate or that other issues can ensue, and as a conclusion, we’ve made our Refund Policy as easy as possible.

Kindly let us know, and we’ll rectify it for you.

19.Shared Security Responsibilities

This site is made to help in transmitting sensitive data and we’ve worked our best to safeguard that data in our hands. But you also play a role in the solution. So: you must use a strong password; you must not share your login credentials; you must update your software regularly; you must install and use antivirus and firewall software (but whitelist Mediwy Labs!); you should not use Mediwy Labs in a public place.

Be wise with your personal security preferences.

20.Individual Accounts and Abuse

We deliver a free service as a privilege to the community. When you allow other people to share your account, delete your account and sign up again to get another 30 free days, have your entire employee base on our Free or Pro plans etc., you take advantage of our system. If we feel you are doing this, we’ll possibly warn you. If you don’t acknowledge or change behaviour, we’ll discontinue your account and not allow you to use our Site and Services in the future. If the number of persons, employees, or independent contractors in your organization that has accounts with us exceeds one, you must be on a Clinic plan.

Don’t exploit us. It’s extremely costly to operate a modern software company and we have to pay the bills, right?


This website and its content are under copyright by Mediwy Labs – © Mediwy Labs, …. All rights reserved.

Any repetition or redistribution of the contents of this site, wholly or partially, in any form is restricted. This comprises the source code of Mediwy Labs, all written content, visual representations of graphics, sounds, content, and videos illustrated as part of the site.

You may not, except with our written permission, distribute or commercially use the content of Mediwy Labs. You may not send to or store it on any other website.


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